Free College Football Picks – Florida State vs Florida

The Seminoles came into this season as one of the most hyped teams out there. They were respected by oddsmakers and they were voted into the top-5 by voters. My, how things have changed. Florida State now owns losses to Oklahoma, Clemson, Wake Forest, and Virginia. It dropped two of those games at home. It is out of the running by a long shot for the ACC title game. It has simply been a frustrating team for people who would lay money and for people who thought this would be FSU’s year to dominate the ACC again. Now, one week after losing at home to UVA, the Noles have to go on the road to face Florida.


So Florida might not be great this year, but they are still tough at home. The Swamp is still a difficult place to play, especially at night. When the Noles come calling, it will certainly be loud. If you are making your free college football picks for Saturday, you cannot discount this factor in your analysis. It will matter and it will play a huge factor in how the game plays out. Another thing to consider is the Florida defense. UF has played solid defense this season and has the personnel to shut down Florida State. This will help to keep the game close.


The line is strange in this game. The Noles are favored, but only by a point. The public is backing the Florida State team after Florida struggled with FCS-level Furman last week. But it seems likely that Florida spent the bulk of its time healing and preparing for FSU last week. While the Noles were busy losing a night game to a physical Virginia team, the Gators were resting up and getting fat on a bad opponent. Ty to look beyond what is obvious and you will see a Florida team that needs this win in a bad way. You will see an FSU team that hasn’t gotten up for a big game yet this season. The Gators may win this game outright on Saturday night.