College Football Picks -Texas A&M at Kansas State

The Kansas State Wildcats have had an incredibly difficult stretch. All of the talk of their weak schedule has flown out the window, as K-State has faced a very difficult run of games over the last month. Now, they will have another challenge, as Texas A&M comes calling in Manhattan. The Wildcats almost took down unbeaten Oklahoma State one week ago, but they fell a little bit short. After getting blown out at home by Oklahoma a few weeks ago, they will now turn their attention to the homefront. What do we make of the Wildcats and Aggies in this game as we prepare to make our free college football picks?


First, there’s this odd line. Though the Wildcats are ranked, have a better record, and are coming off of a more impressive performance, Texas A&M is a five point favorite. The line is moving up, too, with the Aggies being six point favorites at some shops. How does this make any sense? The truth is that it doesn’t make sense. In no way, shape or form does this game compute logically. This is something to keep in mind and it’s an issue if you are going to be this game. You need to be aware that betting on Kansas State might leave you walking into a major trap here.


The Aggies can stop the run and that’s going to be important. As you make your college football picks, one of your goals has to be finding the right matchups. In this game, the Aggies have the ability to take down quarterback Collin Klein and the Kansas State running game. If they can stop the run, then they would force Kansas State to beat them through the air. On what should be a windy field and with a quarterback who struggles to pass, it is hard to see Kansas State taking care of business in that way. Texas A&M might be the safe play here for people who want to make a little bit of money with their college football picks. It will take some guts, but it is the right side.