Big 10 Championship Game – Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

This is another of the conference championship battles where one team is looking for big time revenge against another. The Badgers had their perfect season ruined at Michigan State. They were rolling along before the Spartans took them down on a Hail Mary that night. So what does Wisconsin have in store for the Spartans on this night? The bookmakers think that Wisconsin will control this one, as they have pegged the Badgers as a better than nine point favorite. That is a lot of lumber to lay, especially in a Big 10 game. Can the Badgers do it and leave their backers feeling happy?

This looks like a game where the line almost begs you to take Michigan State. They have had a good year and they have already beaten Wisconsin once. Shouldn’t their defense be able to keep this close and cover the number? That is all true until you take a hard look at what Wisconsin has done to opponents this year when they are not on the road. This is a neutral site game and you should see a Wisconsin team that is ready and focused. They will score a lot of points on Michigan State and the Spartans don’t have the horses to keep up. That will be the difference in this game.


Wisconsin has found its groove and it has a lot to play for. It has revenge on the mind and it will have a new offensive plan in place. These things all point to the Badgers having a nice night on Saturday. Perhaps they will run the Spartans out of the stadium, but I think it is at least a safe bet to assume that the Badgers will win by a couple of touchdowns. This will be an interesting matchup, but in the end you have to believe that Wisconsin has too much on offense for Michigan State to stop for a second time.